My name is Lopez


I was born and raised in San Francisco. My stomping ground was the Mission District. I remember being bussed out to another neighborhood school when SF was trying to mix the kids up in the 90s.  

I started teaching TEN years ago, after graduating with a BA in Mathematics for Teaching from San Francisco State University. The school I first started teaching at (Envision Academy) had a first-name policy for teachers when it was founded, but I was determined to go by my last name. My name is LOPEZ. No Ms, or Miss. Just LOPEZ. That was the same year I found out my father died, so it has always been my way to honor and mourn him (Im married now so technically I’m Lopez Mayen, but I still go by LOPEZ). 

Everything I learned about teaching and about relationship building was taught to me by my students, my colleagues and the families at Envision Academy of Arts and technology in Oakland, Ca. I taught there for 5 years before joining the learning team at ARISE high school in Oakland, but not till after I did one whole year at Concord high school in Concord, Ca.

Now you can catch me doing my teaching-thang in Pittsburg, California where I have been Teaching after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl Akilali Itzayana. My husband and I have decided to make the city of Pittsburg our hometown, GO PIRATES!